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Donald J. Wheeler's Seminars and Workshops

The Understanding Statistical Process Control Seminar

SPC for Manufacturing and Process Industries

This seminar is intended for all those who need to learn to use SPC and Data Analysis techniques in production, manufacturing, or process industries. (In the public offering of this class, if there are participants from service industries, Dr. Wheeler will offer examples relevant to their work.)

For those involved with a Six Sigma initiative, this course provides the material that is essential for a successful program, but which is not included in most Six Sigma training. Both the "Understanding Variation" workshop and the "Evaluating the Measurement Process" workshop are part of this seminar.

You will learn how to discover the useful information in your data—one participant characterized it as "learning to listen to what your data is telling you"—and then use your discoveries in an effective, coherent program of Continual Improvement.

While this is a basic seminar, it is also comprehensive. While it covers all the material included in most introductory classes, it also teaches you how to effectively use the techniques. This course demonstrates how others have used the techniques successfully, and it will provide you with a road map for your own success.

Topics include:

This four-day seminar includes the "Understanding Variation" and "Evaluating the Measurement Process" workshops.

For on-site training, this seminar may be customized upon request. in that case, you will consult with Dr. Wheeler about topics to be covered and number of days needed.

Participants leave this course with a comprehensive set of reference materials and the ability to use them effectively.

Books may include: