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Short Run SPC

by Donald J. Wheeler

Short Run SPC

In this book you will learn how process behavior charts can be used effectively with limited amounts of data.

Part One shows how to track a process while making different products:

  • difference charts
  • charts for mean ranges
  • zed charts
  • the role of moving range charts
  • difference charts for subgrouped data
  • standardized charts for subgrouped data
  • recommendations

Part Two discusses topics related to setting the process aim:

  • the difference between aim and consistency
  • setting the process aim using a sequence of values
  • setting the process aim using difference charts
  • setting the process aim using multiple measurements
  • world class quality
  • 72 pages, appendix, glossary, softcover
  • ISBN 978-0-945320-12-8
  • $20.00