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Dr. Wheeler’s Seminars

Knowledge, Experience, & the Ability to Communication: Over 1000 Seminars held in 17countries on 5 Continents; Author of 25 Books and over 200 Articles. Learn from the Source!

Understanding Variation… An Executive Overview

This powerful presentation is based upon the popular book,
Understanding Variation …The Key to Managing Chaos.

Understanding Statistical Process Control Seminar

This is the basic four-day seminar for people who work in manufacturing and process industries. This has been Dr. Wheeler’s most popular seminar both here and abroad.

Successful Experimentation Seminar

This highly acclaimed four-day seminar is built upon a unique approach to designed experiments.

Making Sense of Data Seminar

In this three-day seminar you will learn tools and techniques that allow you to use business information and data in an effective, coherent program of Continual Improvement.

This four-day seminar is for engineers, technicians, and six sigma practitioners on every level. The unique organization of this course brings clarity to topics that were formerly obscure.

Evaluating the Measurement Process Workshop

In this one-day workshop you will learn how to improve your measurement processes and to quantify how good your measurements actually are.

Reducing Production Costs Workshop

This one-day workshop teaches how to maximize the profitability of your current processes by choosing the most cost-effective improvement strategies.