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Practical Process Improvement

by R. Edward Zunich

Practical Process Improvement

Tired of creating tool zombies with little to show for it? Not getting the results you expected from Six Sigma? Try Practical Process Improvement!

This book presents a program for leadership in the Twenty-First Century. The objective of Practical Process Improvement is to increase profit and organizational effectiveness by improving customer satisfaction, quality, and productivity, all while reducing costs. It is based on three principles:

  • apply logical simplicity
  • use practical methods and tools
  • involve everyone

From his years of experience as a Navy Captain and a management consultant in industry, Ed Zunich developed this powerful program that is being successfully used in organizations and corporations around the world.

This book describes the philosophy, background, principles, and practical applications of his approach. Managers and employees at all levels will find the book informative and easy to read, and the methods simple and effective. Practical Process Improvement replaces complexity with a straightforward approach that has a proven track record.