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Confessions of a
Management Consultant
Turned CEO

by Anita Simonton and Georgeanna Kiser

Confessions of a <br> Management Consultant <br>Turned CEO

Any leader will benefit from the reading of this book!

After several years as a management consultant, the late Dr. Simonton became the CEO of a young company, giving her the opportunity to practice what she had learned from W. Edwards Deming. How did that work?

Well, of course she found out that it is easier to tell others what to do than to do it yourself! In this book, she shares the successes and frustrations she experienced while putting her leadership philosophy to the real test—managing a company.

In each chapter a leadership lesson is presented and then illustrated with a true story from her experience. Questions for reflection and group discussion are offered. New discoveries about the art of balancing leadership conclude each chapter, giving further clarification to the lesson.

This book offers invaluable and necessary skills for those who want to learn how to become more effective leaders. But the book is not only intended for leaders. Consultants who are helping leaders and those who are being led will also gain insight into the art of leadership. As Peter Scholtes puts it in his Foreword, “By the time you have finished reading you know that something significant has occurred in your mind….”

  • 152 pages, softcover
  • ISBN 978-0-945320-49-4
  • $12.00